Travel Hair Brushes?

Brigitte’s Brushes make great travel hair brushes!

photo by YM Guillaume

While Brigitte’s Brushes were not designed to be travel hair brushes, they have most of the qualities that make a great travel hairbrush. When traveling one is always …

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Men’s Haircuts and Trends

Latest Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles

We’re going to keep this page updated with any new trends in Men’s haircuts and hairstyles that we come across. We’ll keep the latest information at the top and keep any older trends below for historical reference. If you feel that you see a trend that …

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The History of Hair Brushes

A Quick History of Hair Brushes

The history of hair brushes do not have a definite inception date. The one thing that is known is that they were all made from natural materials. Handles were formed from wood, bronze or copper. The bristles could be anything stiff. Animal hairs, such as …

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Casual Curly Hairstyle

Pictures of Creating a Casual Curly Hairstyle

Here are several photos of Brigitte creating a casual hairstyle using the 7-row classic Brigitte’s Brush. This brush is also know as a half-round hair brush due to the wide arrangement of bristles and tips on the brush. You don’t have to be an expert stylist …

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Half-Round Hairbrush Video

Watch Brigitte in Action

We’re proud to show our first demo video of Brigitte creating a casual curly hairstyle using the Brigitte’s half-round hairbrush. This brush is also known as the classic 7-row hairbrush. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the same great results from our brush whether you refer to it as …

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Cleaning Hair Brushes

There are three easy steps to clean Brigitte’s Hair Brushes.

Rinse the hair brush and remove any hair
Soak hair brushes in a bucket of hair brush cleaner or Lysol for 5 minutes
Rinse hair brushes and let air dry

First you take brush cleaner or Lysol (for those who don’t have access to …

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