About Brigitte

Brigitte Profile PictureHi, my name is Brigitte and I’m the owner of a southern New Jersey hair salon. My hair salon is the Touch of Class Beauty Salon and I’ve been in business for over 40 years.

While working in my own salon I was unhappy with the choices of professional hair brushes on the market. So I decided to design and manufacture the professional hair brushes that I felt were missing from the beauty industry. My brushes have both tips and bristles on the same brush, which make it a truly unique hair styling tool. We have two styles of brushes, vented hair brush and the classic half round hair brush. The hair stylists that work for me and I have been using my Brigitte’s Brushes in my own salon for years with great results. I have recently decided to offer them for sale to the public as well as other hair salons. I hope that you enjoy them, as much as I do.