Casual Curly Hairstyle

Pictures of Creating a Casual Curly Hairstyle

Here are several photos of Brigitte creating a casual hairstyle using the 7-row classic Brigitte’s Brush. This brush is also know as a half-round hair brush due to the wide arrangement of bristles and tips on the brush. You don’t have to be an expert stylist like Brigitte to get this type of results from the classic brush. These pictures were taken during the making of our classic 7-row hairbrush video, check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. You’ll get the see the Brigitte using the brush in action to create this casual curly hairstyle.



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Brigitte's Brushes Hairstyling Guide
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Hi, my name is Brigitte and I’m the owner and inventor of Brigitte's Brushes. Checkout my About Brigitte page for more information about me.
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