Oval Cushion Brush


The original oval cushion hair brush with 100% boars hair bristles.



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Brigitte’s Brush Video

Got a minute? Well, actually 1 minute and 23 seconds?

Then watch Brigitte perform this hair transformation using her styling hairbrush.


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Oval Cushion Brush The Vented Hairbrush Brigitte’s Brush Video

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We've received a lot of questions from our customers over the years about hair brushes and which one is right for them. So we thought we would put together an eBook explaining the different types of hair brushes, the different types of hair and what is the best brush for each particular type of hair. We've also packed a lot of great hair care and hair styling tips in there as well.

Brigitte's Brushes Hairstyling Guide
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The original hairbrush with tips and bristles